2015 NJACD Award for Outstanding Developer

The Hudson County Improvement Authority was selected by the NJ Association of Conservation Districts for its 2015 Outstanding Developer award for the construction of the 9-hole Skyway Golf Course on top of a former landfill.

This project increased public access to sixty-five acres of previously unused and inaccessible public property by the creation of the first (and only) public golf course in Hudson County. A public waterfront walkway runs along the west edge of the golf course. The design of the course incorporates native vegetation and a tidal pond that will support the recreated wetlands, transition area, and golf course.

The design engineers, PS&S, and developer, the Hudson County Improvement Authority, worked cooperatively with the Hudson Essex Passaic SCD throughout all phases of the six-year project including dredging, surcharging, grading, construction and final stabilization.