Dept of Ag adopts Short Form Basin Summary

Chapter 251, PL 1975 as amended,
Engineering Policies- Technical Bulletin
Technical Bulletin:
Effective Date:
November 28, 2023
Use of Basin Summary Short Form
John E. Showler, P.E.,
State Erosion Control Engineer
To simplify the collection of stormwater basin summary information for use and upload to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Hydrologic Modeling Database (aka detention basin mapping database) when a comprehensive stormwater report is collected in digital format and uploaded to the database.
Recent adoption of new and revised rules by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection which regulate the design of storm water management systems has resulted in a sizable increase in the number of stormwater basins needed to comply with Green Infrastructure (GI) requirements within NJDEP rules. This has significantly increased the time required by both design engineers and soil conservation district staff to fill out and process these forms.
To help reduce this burden, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture has adopted a revised, shorter summary form for collecting basin data when used with a digital upload of the complete stormwater management design report. If a digital version of the comprehensive stormwater report is unavailable for upload, then the current ‘long form’ should continue to be used to collect basin data.
The ‘short form’ contains the same parent project information such as ownership and location information, but omits the individual basin engineering data (since this is contained in the stormwater report) and instead contains a table with multiple rows where each row represents a single basin and lists basic information such as ID, type of basin, location etc. Multiple basins can be entered into a
SSCC Basin Summary Short Form 11/23
single form within the table. Additional forms may be appended if necessary to accommodate projects with a greater number of basins.
Soil Conservation Districts should make this form available on their website and include copies of the form in correspondence to design engineers to expedite its use, as needed.

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