Rutgers Cooperative Extension Seeks County Agent III (Assistant Professor)

Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Essex County is hiring! Please share this posting with those who may be interested in applying for this urban agriculture and community horticulture position.


Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Essex County located in Newark and Roseland, NJ (two offices)

County Agent III (Assistant Professor)

Full time Rutgers tenure track faculty position
Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate and supervise the Rutgers Master Gardener of Essex County class and volunteer program
  • Provide resources and technical expertise to urban growers and community gardeners
  • Deliver educational programming for the public
  • Respond to home horticulture questions from the public


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Farm Bill & Pollinators

NRCS works with farmers to conserve the environmental resources necessary for an economically sustainable business, not just monarch habitat. 

Let NRCS develop a comprehensive, resource conservation plan for your operation and the monarch. 

NJDEP’s Data Miner updated for MS4

Please be advised that the following 5GS construction stormwater reports under the “NJPDES Permitting Program” category on DataMiner have been updated.  See below for details:
  • NJPDES Stormwater Construction Permits (5G3) by County – Added information on the Block, Lot, and Area of Disturbance.
  • NJPDES Stormwater Construction Permits (5G3) by Issue Date – Added information on the Block, Lot, and Area of Disturbance.
  • NJPDES Stormwater Construction Permits (5G3) by Municipality – Added information on the Block, Lot, and Area of Disturbance.
  • NJPDES Stormwater Construction Permits (5G3) by SCD – Added information on the Block, Lot, and Area of Disturbance.

Enforcement Fees to Be Assessed

Take note that, as stated in the HEPSCD Additional Fees & Expenses documentation, the District will be billing starting January 1, 2022, for the cost of district time expended in enforcement of the Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Act. 


Noncompliance /Extraordinary Expenses– A fee of $95.00 per hour for additional inspections required as a result of noncompliance with the certified soil erosion and sediment control plan or for chronic failure to maintain necessary erosion controls.  Projects under construction, which have not provided the District with a Start Notice 48 hours prior to any soil disturbing activities will be considered in noncompliance.  When extraordinary expense has been incurred by the District in order to gain compliance, and the original fees have been exhausted, written notification will be made to the applicant. Such notification will state that fiscal deficiencies exist and will state the amount to be remitted to the District for further inspection and/or review services. No Report of Compliance authorizing a Certificate of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy will be released until all fees are paid in full. 

Re-inspection – A fee of $95.00 per hour will be charged when a requested inspection for the issuance of a Report of Compliance is performed and no reasonable effort has been made to complete the stabilization in accordance with the Standards for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control for New Jersey.   This fee shall also be charged where temporary stabilization is required but not completed in accordance with the performance deposit application schedule.

Stop Work Order – In the event a Stop Construction Order is issued by the District, additional fees will be charged for reimbursement of legal, administrative, review, certification and inspection costs incurred.  An itemized list of fees will be furnished to the applicant or said violator.  The Stop Construction Order will not be vacated until all imposed fees are paid in full and the site has been brought into reasonable compliance as deemed by the District.   All District fees will be billed at $95.00 per hour.

Notice Regarding Permit Extension

August 17, 2020


Notice of Permit Extension Eligibility

NJDEP PEA Registration Link 

 The registration portal will remain open for SESC certification extension until Dec 2, 2020

Take notice that in accordance with the Permit Extension Act of 2020 (P.L.2020, c.53), soil conservation district certifications of soil erosion and sediment control plans in existence on March 9, 2020 are eligible to have the running of the period of approval automatically suspended for the COVID-19 extension period. This is the period beginning March 9, 2020 and continuing for as long as a public health emergency, pursuant to the “Emergency Health Powers Act,” P.L.2005, c.222 (C.26:13-1 et seq.), that has been declared by the Governor in response to COVID-19, is in effect. The tolling shall extend the certification of plans at least six months beyond the conclusion of the COVID-19 extension period.


Any certification eligible to be subject to the automatic suspension of the running of the period of approval for the COVID-19 extension period must be registered, by the Permittee, with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection within 30 days of the date of this notice. The running period of any certification not registered with the Department of Environmental Protection shall not be suspended for the COVID-19 extension period. The extension shall not apply if a new certification or recertification is required due to changes to the plan or project since March 9, 2020.

June 2020 Meeting to be held Virtually



Soil Conservation District





The Hudson-Essex-Passaic Soil Conservation District is a subdivision of State government, organized under the New Jersey Soil Conservation Act, NJSA 4:24-1 et seq.  As a public subdivision of the State all board meetings are subject to public notice and open to public attendance.  In accordance with N.J.S.A. 10:4-6 and 10:4-8 Open Public Meetings Act and P.L. 2020, c.11, the Board of Supervisors will hold a remote public meeting on Monday, June 22nd, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. by way of electronic communication/live streaming.  Be advised that members of the public can participate in said meeting by visiting and following the instructions for meeting participation. 


This is a temporary policy only put in place due to the ongoing public health emergency.  The Board of Supervisors will hold this meeting via electronic/remote/telephone forum and the meeting will be closed to any in-person attendance.


Formal action will/may be taken on previous meeting minutes, Treasurer’s Reports, Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Plan Certifications, Enforcement Actions, and other issues.  A detailed agenda will be posted on


Please contact the HEP-SCD District Office at 862-333-4505 prior to participation to verify the public meeting remains on the schedule.



Matthew J. Ward, Chairman