Updated District Notes

District Notes have been updated to reflect the 7th Edition of the NJ Standards for SESC & new District contact info. The latest note set also pertains to the new Soil Restoration Standard. Plan submittals will be evaluated during review for compliance with the current edition of the NJ Standards. The District’s Notes must be on the plan and have specific information relevant to the 7th Edition of the Standards, along with the District’s current contact information. Download the most current Notes from the Forms page of this website.

NJ Standards for Soil Erosion & Sediment Control now in its 7th Edition

The Standards for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control in New Jersey 7th Ed. are now available for download at no cost. These Standards were adopted January 2014 and include additional guidance for assessing downstream stability, rip rap design, the use of infiltration and additional vegetative options for use in the Pinelands National Reserve. The effective date for these amendments is February 20, 2014.