The SESC Submittal Checklist & Application is a State form and may be used for plan submission to any of  New Jersey’s Soil Conservation Districts. The A2 Appendix checklist of items for plan preparation is referenced on the application as the “reverse side”. Please note that the application is a revised form adopted with the 7th Edition of the NJ Standards. It now contains space for email addresses & soil restoration acreage.

Corporations & partnerships, including non-profits and LLC’s, must complete the Ownership Disclosure Affidavit page of the application linked above.

The Request for Determination of Non-Applicability form*(formerly called “Exemption”) is to be submitted with a site or plot plan or survey and the  review fee. For applicability determination, the plan may be a photocopy and need not be sealed. Outline on the copy the area to be disturbed if not already depicted. Review fees are not refundable – please check exemption criteria carefully prior to submitting. If the total disturbance will exceed 5000s.f., the SESC application form should be used. Tax map info or tax record info may be used to substantiate the request. You must provide information to support the claim of non-applicability. Email addresses are requested as the determination is provided electronically. * Old form valid until 6/30/2023 ; New form/fee effective 7/1/23

NEW HEPSCD Fee Schedule effective 7/1/2023

Please note that non-public (private venture) projects in Wayne are inspected by the township and do not submit inspection fees to the district (submit to HEPSCD the review fee +SSCC fee only). Privately owned projects in Newark are to file for certification with the City of Newark Engineering Department, 920 Broad St #412, Newark, NJ 07102-2609. Publicly funded or agency projects submit directly to the HEPSCD.

Additional Fees and Expenses may be incurred due to enforcement action, for re-review of plans due to revisions, or for extension of the certification beyond the initial 3 1/2 year certification period.

In order to obtain a Conditional Report of Compliance (CRC) during the winter months when weather conditions do not allow for landscaping to be completed, an Erosion Control Performance Bond must be placed. This must be done prior to filing for a temporary Certificate of Occupancy. Contact the District 862-333-4505.

Engineers and architects may download the District-specific HEPSCD Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Notes-.doc  or HEPSCD SESC Notes -PDF for use on all plans submitted to this District. Please note that this is a new document adopted with the 7th Edition of the NJ Standards and was updated December 2017 to reflect the latest Standards for Topsoiling and Land Grading. All plans submitted for District certification must contain the latest note set.

Additional Soil Compaction Mitigation -Restoration Notes to address mitigation of soil compaction (rev. December 2017) If the mitigation standard applies, these notes must be on your plan.

The Basin Summary Form shall be submitted when applicable (as per the Appendix A2 list: all hydraulic and hydrologic data, describing existing and proposed watershed conditions.) Submit one form per basin.  Please note that this is a new form adopted with the 7th Edition of the NJ Standards. New (Nov 2023) Basin Summary Short Form  The New Jersey Department of Agriculture has adopted a revised, shorter summary form for collecting basin data when used with a digital upload of the complete stormwater management design report. If a digital version of the comprehensive stormwater report is unavailable for upload, then the current ‘long form’ should continue to be used to collect basin data. Anderson Land Use Codes can be found in the NJ Standards.  The Long Form Summary is also available as a fillable Word document. 

Copies of public records may be requested using the NJ Dept. of Ag Soil Conservation District OPRA form. A request for access to a government record must be in writing and hand-delivered, mailed,transmitted electronically, or otherwise conveyed to the appropriate custodian. N.J.S.A. 47:1A-5.g. A records request under OPRA cannot be made by telephone.

Please note that the District follows the approved State fee schedule for copying documents. Fees are to be paid in full by check made payable to HEPSCD when requested documents are received. If documents are to be mailed, postage costs will be added and the total amount must be paid before the documents will be mailed.

The District charges additional fees for oversized copies , which must be done by an offsite copying service.

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